the blue-eyed barbarian

Is it possible to scale while preserving authenticity?

This question is asked by independent businesses all around the world. It is a focus point of all my work.

I’ve been a marketer my entire life. I’m self-taught. But I have had a pleasure to work with some inspiring, hard-working entrepreneurs. I’ve launched 12 brands worldwide. I created brands, logos, websites, collaborations, advertising and social media campaigns. I have worked with some remarkable designers, photographers, art directors, and writers. I always try to learn from the most authentic entrepreneurs and for that specific reason I started going places. I visited hundreds of outstanding businesses in 15 countries, from Denmark to Portugal. Hundreds more I researched on distance during these years. In my journal I share some of the knowledge, experience that have changed my work life and my approach to marketing.

I’d love to hear from you as well.