Learn to create an authentic website for your business

Sign up for a workshop and learn how to create your own website using Squarespace platform. Whether you are a local craftsman or a hospitality entrepreneur, we will create a website to communicate what your brand stands for.

I travel the world to explore the most authentic brands and you will get all our insights during the workshop: the best practices to keep your uniqueness, how to retain an elegant approach, what content to put online.

Before the workshop I will guide your preparation to get you ready for an intensive three hour session. Each one in our small group will receive individual support and it will be a friendly and relaxed environment.

This session is for:

  • small business owners that create authentic product or service

  • professionals who want to stand out with their online portfolio

  • marketers who want independence from the long and expensive web development process

You will leave with:

  • A new, user-friendly 1-3 page website

  • A working understanding of page types, options and galleries

  • The knowledge and confidence to develop and maintain your website

  • An exclusive 20% discount on your first yearly Squarespace subscription

Pre-workshop preparation consists of:

  • a checklist of content, files, images and things to consider in preparation of workshop day as well as marketing tips and guide to help you decide what to include in your site

  • one-on-one phone call to review objectives and answer any questions

During a three hour hands-on workshop you we will learn:

  • Understanding templates options

  • Laying out your content

  • Establishing your unique look with colors, fonts and customization

  • Adding appropriate social media links and contact information

  • Learning to navigate the Squarespace platform and manage your website

No coding experience needed. Just bring a laptop.


Denys Putilin is an authorised Squarespace trainer (what it means) experienced with authentic and designer brands.

Denys travels Europe to explore the most authentic small businesses and help them communicate their values in a beautiful and trustworthy way.

The latest finished websites: