Mindful marketing with a great design.



We aim to help authentic businesses to open to the world via website, emails, social media and graphic design. In some cases, we also extensively spread a word via press contacts and advertisements.



All estimates are based on an hourly rate – 50 Euro/hour. We fix a flat rate for each project after examining its complexity. Here are some approximations, as from our experience:

  • 30+ hours for a new website

  • 8+ hours for Google advertising campaign

  • 2+ hours for a personal consultation on marketing

  • 2+ hours for an email campaign

  • 1+ hours for a pitch to publisher

  • 1+ hour for a social media posting


We are not complete alone. Friends:

Art Direction: Alla Hetman
Photography: Yaroslav Danylchenko
Illustration: Liza Basay
Copywrite: Dmitrii Pasichnik
Digital Media Cat: Artiom Komolov
Google Advertising: Lena Polivko
Market Research: Liza Timenko
Creative and Influencer Campaigns: Vita Trokhymets
Creative and Editorials: Nana Kravchenko
Brand Managing: Marina Lange
International Editor: Mikey Bondarenko