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The blue-eyed barbarian travels the world to meet some of the most authentic small businesses and brands. His aim is to collect and share their experience with the ones who are only on the beginning of the way.

Blomsterskuret – a flower shed in Copenhagen

Just in time for 10-year anniversary the blue-eyed barbarian comes to one of the world's most beautiful flower shops. Copenhagen's Blomsterskuret is run by Martin Reinicke in a historic building that has been a flower shop since 1930's. Reinicke he told us an inspiring story of his business, how he got this shop, how he started working for Noma, what he is doing now except making orders.


vintage furniture, pottery, education

Back in the 90s had a furniture shop and a flower shop, sold them, moved to LA, came back

Was 22 and found a place that was completely run down and fell in love with the space. Started renovating it without knowing what he is going to sell. Made a gallery but that didn't really work out, as he did not know anyone. Then we decorated it to become very rough and started selling some tapestries. Eventually met furniture company who sold high-end antiques and made a deal with them: he would take the furniture they could not sell and show it in his space. So Reinicke ended up selling vintage furniture from 30's-60's for a while. Then the flower shop next door got up for sale and Reinicke, who didn't have any experience or knowledge bought it. For the next six years he run the flower shop. At the same time he started doing pottery. At the age of 28 years Reinicke had all these businesses and worked like seven days a week. Very tiring experience, so it was decided to sell the business and go studying in Los Angeles. 

Getting the shop

When Reinicke came back from Los Angeles in 2005 and didn't return to the flowers business as it was very stressful. Instead he opened a small pottery shop near Værnedamsvej. He had that for two years and then at the end of 2007 the guy who has a cafe next door called him and said that this building was for sale: the owners had a coffee at his place and told him their business was for sale. Then Reinicke called his bank to talk about credit, it said "yes, do it". So on the first of December he became an owner of a flower shop again. He was thinking that if he could get this shop, he would definitely try again. Plus also at any point he could sell it. The history of this place is amazing. It started out as just a roof for bicycles, after that it was selling ice in the times when there was no refrigerators, then they sold flower in the 30's and it became more and more like a building. Everyone knew this flower shop and the building was famous. 5 min

Success and marketing

a lot of orders, no ads, magazine shooting

New market - business clients

people who bought flowers were working in companies and started ordering


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