We work every day to help businesses succeed with mindful brand positioning, actions and communications.


Interior design brand Postformula embodies British style in design: every fixture, every finish, every material in an interior is thoughtfully attached. The brand gives its most personal interpretation of a client's dreams for a house.


The brand needed to create simpler positioning and to communicate it to the target audience.


We created a strategic positioning roadmap for a brand. The first execution stage was to level up its digital communications. We created a new website, filled with visuals and copy to resonate with target audience.



The website shows brand's attitude to every detail in a quest to create the home of client's dream. We have created special extended descriptions of key projects. The photosession of a team shows that there are real people who stand on a backstage of their projects.

After the website and new content were ready we started 3-month social media campaign. Campaign was aimed to achieve these goals:

  • inform our current followers (3k on facebook and 1k on Instagram) of what our brand stands for

  • target our brand to potential high-profile customers

  • target on other interior designers to show brand's competencies in construction and manufacturing

We created over 70 content pieces for all those goals and distributed them on Instargam and Facebook with a precise targering for each type of a post.