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GastroLife Gazette

A family brand of olive oil from Greece needed to make an effective launch to Ukrainian market.

The gazette was created to spark a word-of-mouth and to become an effective image tool to conquer new points of sales. The gazette is a valuable source of trusted information about health, recipes and beauty tips for the olive oil consumers, as well as a easy to understand source of information about the brand.

Size: 30x46 mm
Material: special German paper with a pleasant texture and warm color
Print technology: offset

We are speciall proud of the quality of content that is created for this project:

  1. Editorial about Greek traditions of olive business: family-style and ancient

  2. Editorial about art of olive oil coupages: olive oil is no simpler to wine, if done right

  3. Mateial for women's healthy hair: three masks based on olive oil

  4. Cuisine review of herbs with advice of usage

  5. Healthy plate: an overall recomendations of healthy diet. Based on the information from Harvard School of Health, translated to Russian (probably the first quality translation)

  6. Review of all vitamins, acids and minerals, scientifically proofed

  7. Four summer recipes based on olive oil

  8. Two editorials with prominent Kyiv cafes of healthy food, that use olive oil of our brand. Quality reviews with special recipes

  9. An editorial of WOK-cooking, specially with Pomace olive oil

Thankful to everyone, who helped create GastroLife:

  • Anton Mykhalskiy

  • Anna Woitekhovich

  • Rudolf Kraewsky

  • Mina Sorvino

  • Alla Hetman