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Futon Art

Local furniture maker Futon Art from Kyiv had a wildly successfull product: transformative couch that costed only $189.


Develop successful product into a sustainable business. Create a brand, online shop and business development strategy.


A strategy was developed together with a client. The details are not to be disclosed, but you can see a strikingly simple website and the text that communicates new market positioning clearly. The maker Futon Art has only three couch models with prices ranging from $140 to $190. So we needed to develop simple easy-to-understand design that everyone could comprehend and believe that the products are a good deal.


After the launch of the website we have done collaborations.

The first collaboration was with textile company Wannabe Decor. The collaboration created a unique proposition for winter holiday season. Wannabe Decor developed a special case for the mattras using Alpaca Wool, and Futon Art developed a special patin to make wood seem more grey.


After this succesfull collaboration Futon Art and Wannabe Decor also decided to curate the best combinations of different colored couches with blankets. That helped to attract clients from one brand to another and back.


The second collaboration was with a blanket manufacturer Woolkrafts. We created bundles and proposed the attractive discount.


The next project was to create a special model of a couch specially for a newly opened shop of Ukrainian designers Gallery48. A special wood color and mattres color attracted new attention.