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Breviya Legal

A legal consulting and legal outsourcing team neaded a professional brand to enter mass market.

The new name had to communicate support and troubleproof legal security for small and medium businesses and private clients. The research of competitors showed s lot of conservative, grey and quite depressive styles. There were still no colorful and life-optimistic brand in the city at all.

The logo is a symbol of umbrella viewed from above with 8 segments of different colors.

Eight colors are a basis of visual style of website and POS-mateireals. They represent eight large service types, the company provides. Every service has a distinctive color, shown in every communication channel. The colors chosen are quite earthy and warm. They are to be pleasant to eye but at the same time be visible in the crowd of competitors.

The resulting brand name is Breviya. 

Brevia is one of the first legal documents in Middle Ages Britain: it was a legal treatise of the mid-thirteen century. This name phonetically communicates strongness, as well as approachability and feminine nature. The co-owner and managing director is a woman famous for her strong position in courts. The same style is present in the typeface: it is bold and massive, but at the same time it has non-sharp and soft forms. The typeface additionally communicates strategic positioning: strong but soft power.