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Alpi Finder Design Week

Italian brand ALPI is the most famous brand of designer veneers in the world. With collaborations with celebrity designers the brand was able to stay relevant for 50 years.


  1. Alpi brand is poorly known in Ukraine

  2. The latest interior design trends do not favor veneer and prefer simple natural wood

  3. The level of Chinese counterfeited veneers is growing for the last 10 years


Shift go-to-market strategy from price sensitive furniture manufacturers to designers and creators. Present the brand to top designers and artists in Ukraine. Emphasize that ALPI collaborates with the most famous Ukrainian artists, fashion-brands and celebrity designers.

We united all actions in a week of design under its own brand - “Alpi Finder design week”


Alpi Finder design week included the following projects:

  1. Collaboration “Who is behind the screen?”. Alpi went to combine Ukrainian industrial and fashion designers to create an artistically united couple. Therefore each couple has created a unique screen by using their creative skills, workmanship and technology of working with wood, steel and stone.

  2. Object design days. In the framework of this project the most famous Ukrainian bureaus and studios have manufactured objects, created with Alpi veneer.

  3. Our project has collaborated with one of the leading Ukrainian artist Marina Talyutto who has created a series of conceptual art works using her talent and Alpi veneer. In this works she showed solving the problem in the geometry of space.

  4. Alpi Auditorium. It is a lecture program and workshops for students and designers in practice. Professionals from the leading Ukrainian bureaus had shared their experience of sketching, 3D modeling and working with interior photography.

  5. Сontest for the best object design in the partnership with European Design School. The point was to make interior object by using Alpi veneer. The winner was exhibited at “Alpi Finder design week”.


The results

Our project "Who is behind the screen?" attracted top designers: Olena Dobrovolska, FILD studio, Pavel Vetrov, Sergii Mahno; famous fashion brands: Ivan Frolov, Natalia Kamenska (co-founder of fashion brand Lake), DZHUS, Litkovska.

Illustration by Liza Basay

Illustration by Liza Basay


The project has received the support of influential glossy media, radio and social influencers. Such magazines as Forbes Ukraine, Vogue Ukraine, L'officiel Ukraine, Elle Ukraine, JetSetter Ukraine, Style Insider, Salon Ukraine, Destination, Platforma, Home Ideas Supply had contributed to the project.


An extensive launch of designers' screens was also hosted on the 13th of October during Ukrainian Fashion Week supported by Irina Danilevska, CEO of UFW. 


Special project hosted by main radiopartner ‘Old Fasioned Radio’ – series of interviews by Vogue's Chief Fashion Editor Tatiyana Soloviy with four collaborative pairs from “Who is behind the screen?”.


Creation of 5 exclusive objects using Alpi veneer in collaboration with Ukrainian top designers: FILD studio, ODESD2 Design Bureau, Sergii Makhno Architects Studio, Pavel Vetrov, Ivan Voitovich.


We worked together with one of the leading Ukrainian artists Marina Talyutto to create a series of conceptual art works using her vision. Marina explored the topic of geometry of space using new ALPI wood designs.


The exhibition was attended by more than 1,000 people in 7 days!


We have carried out more than 20 events that have gathered best think tanks and professionals in Ukrainian interior design and fashion. They were given an opportunity to communicate with different segments of our society via art, education and discussion.


So, we shifted the focus on the brand, became more fashionable, while inspiring a new generation of designers in Ukraine.

The team:

  • Alla Hetman - art-direction

  • Anatoly Didyk - photography

  • Liza Basay - illustration

  • Nadia Sheikina - communications

  • Denys Putilin - organisation