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Inessa Binazon Chocolaterie

Inessa Binazon Chocolaterie produces classic French pastry in Kyiv. This young brand is founded and run by pastry chef Inessa Binazon.


The market is filled with new French pastry brands. Wide range of brand's products, such as cakes, shortcakes, tarts, eclairs and little sweets, detracted customer from the novelty and uniqueness of Inessa Binazon's flavors.


Focus the brand on one product category – chocolate bonbons. Focus Inessa on ability to create new exslusive flavors. Position the brand as a premium gift.


Advice consisted of the following points:

  1. To develop a positioning strategy that will be oriented on bonbons manufacturing. To launch a seasonal bonbon collection, releasing it every three month.

  2. To create a website, that will help promote Inessa as a unique and original creator in the pastry business.

  3. To create a package design for bonbons that will style the product as a premium present.

  4. To organize high-profile presentations of the bonbon collection, hence boasting and promoting this brand through word of mouth.

  5. To create visual content of collections of the bonbons.  



Brand disrupted Ukrainian pastry market when it started creating specially curated collections of bonbons. Inessa Binazon was creating new seasonal collections every 3 months, and at the same time having her Classics collection of best sellers.

This strategy helped to communicate Inessa's passion in the constant creation process of new tasted and combinations. Clients were also happy to see systematized ranges, which helped them to make a desicion.


A new website shows a philosophy and an idea of brand "Inessa Binazon".Thus, Inessa was introduced to consumers as a person who lives and breathes with her business through the use of a regular blog.

E-commerce functions on a website were the first such professional approach on a market, that helped to communicate professionalism on every customer's contact.



Brand phisosophy:

Tablet version:

Phone version:

Blog on a website:


Our newly developed packaging design strengthened style of brand as a premium present.


Innovative format of a lauch of season collection created a wave on social media and among influencers.

For the lauch brand collaborated with one of the most famous French restaurants in Kyiv to create a set of courses that used the same ingredients as in Inessa's collection. Invited guests sat on a community table to hear about Inessa's inspiration for the collection, tried exclusive dishes and then tried the collection itself.

In result, influencers of gastronomic business, restaurateurs, journalists, artists and writers were happy to share the experience online and in their professional spheres.


For the innovative concept of bonbon collections and special format of launch campaign brand needed a special visual material. That's why we worked together with one of the best photographer Yaroslav Danylchenko and renowned stylist Olga Drach.


The pictures were getting viral sharing online and among clients. The brand became more recognizable and quality visual content had strengthened the luxury style of the product.


The comprehensive launch campaign together with new packaging design attracted interest in the owners of cafes and restaurants. Inessa's product appeared in shop windows of such prominent establishments, as cafes "London", "Très FRANÇAIS" and "By The Way".


Inessa Binazon is now the most popular chocolatier in Ukraine. She was invited to create exclusive bonbons for Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv and to make numerous master-classes on bonbon craft.