Journal of authenticity

The blue-eyed barbarian travels the world to meet some of the most authentic small businesses and brands. His aim is to collect and share their experiece with the ones who are only on the beginning of the road.

The blue-eyed barbarian manifesto


Everything we have has its own story. A story of why we have it, a story of why it was made, a story of owning. Think of what you touch in a day. A phone, a toothbrush, a towel, coffee, bread, marmalade, a shirt, pants, socks, shoes, a briefcase, a bike, watches, glasses, a work desk, a chair, a pen, a computer, lunch, drinks, furniture, a teacup, a lamp, a shampoo, body oils, sleeping wear and a clock. We believe the quality of life is very connected to the authenticity of what we interact with. Everyday interactions fill our life in between the lines.

We value a thoughtful design of a product, when we understand what intent was put in. We value the origin, the story of its creation, when it is ethical and sustainable. We value the people who stand behind every product, their feeling and a sense of life. It's the acceptance of a special part of their soul, that we are really getting from their work. And we can intuitively feel if a person puts his soul to his work.

This is the blue-eyed barbarian manifesto. We encourage you to remember it and support independent creators in every possible way.