Journal of authenticity

The blue-eyed barbarian travels the world to meet some of the most authentic small businesses and brands. His aim is to collect and share their experiece with the ones who are only on the beginning of the road.

The first issue is being prepared

We collect our stories for the first issue starting from Denmark in moving South to Portugal. In Copenhagen we speak to Ula Wellinder about her one-of-a-kind design-book store CINNOBER and of her email essays. Following Monocle magazine's steps we meet Jeppe Denker from DAHLMAN's leather business to hear his plans for brand's revival. We delve into the unlikely story of Oliver Oxfeldt from DEMOCRATIC COFFEE, who is considered to make the best croissants in the city and then meet Jonas Gehl from PROLOG – those guys are all into the quality game. Then we explore bar scene in Copenhagen with GENSYNGORKI BAR and CURFEW. In Berlin we talk to Wibke Deertz from A.D.DEERTZ about her creative attitude. Next WEINGUT VON RACKNITZ tells us about their path to making one of the best wines in Germany. After mention in Magazine B we visit ROOM CAPACITY art and furniture shop to talk about different business models. After Berlin the blue-eyed barbarian goes to Italian Turin to explore vivid art scene with MUTA art&jewelry brand and POP HEART independent bookshop. Judith told us how she founded garments brand MADE IN BERLIN and how they ethically produce in Turin. In Milan we check in to FULL men's shop that is creating an ambiance of 1950's club with all the service included. In all-touristic Florence we find a young wave of artisans from CAMPUCC10, GIULIA MATERIA and INK-P. At night we visit some of the most authentic Florentine bars UN CAFFE run by a Sardinian and popular among young creatives as well as PITTA M'IGNOLLI on Santo Spirito, the central bar-drinking square in the city. When we come to Rome we go to discover the oldest coffee place SCHIASCHIA that is also roasting some of the best beans in Italy and meet Mr. Schiaschia himself to talk about passion, love and work. Next stop – Lisbon and an inspiration from Miguel from FORA sunglasses followed by a trip to Porto to meet LA PAZ garments brand known around the world for it's Atlantic aesthetics. Our final stop is a fine retreat on the ocean shore in the northern Portugal at a hostel CASA DO SARDAO built by a traveler for travelers in his family's 500 years old stone farmhouse.

the blue-eyed barbarian