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Black pepper company from Cologne went to farmers in Kampot, Cambodia to shoot a video story


Hennes’ Finest from Cologne tells the story of black pepper. What it takes to grow the ubiquitous spice? Who is actually doing it? Maybe eye-opening answers did inspire three German friends to found a brand five years ago and tell the story.

I found this brand just walking in Belgium quarter of Cologne this spring. Their boutique is the best embodiment of the approach. It greets you with a tasting table with 4 varieties. Hospitable shopkeeper is open and willing to tell the story. The walls showcase many many products based on pepper flavour: sauces, liqueurs, syrups, soda, even some merch. Behind the first part of the place there is a huge open kitchen, where they cook dishes adding their spice and shoot that on cameras to share online.


This all-in approach is definitely read in other social communications of the brand, in Facebook and Instagram. It’s pretty light but meaningful. Largely underestimated by Facebook’s algorithm.

I think it’s great to bring the story back to the product that became so commoditized, and support local communities to grow it with dignity.


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