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Fora celebrates Portuguese authenticity with its Journal


The sunglasses brand Fora from Lisbon achieves consistency with their journal. Fora celebrates their home city telling stories about its authentic places. Created in 2018 it goes on through 2019, expanding to all of Portugal.

The latest publication is about Claus Porto. It has been the first soap factory in Portugal. It is one the must-visit locations in Porto by our guide too.

Claus Porto had been independent and managed by the same family up to 2015. That is when Portuguese private equity fund Menlo Capital came to buy the majority of the company. During these 3 years the company has opened the first retail shops in Lisbon, Porto and New York. This is an intriguing sight to follow. Hopefully Claus Porto could retain its authenticity while expanding their reach.

Fora Journal went to Porto to the flagship store-cum-museum. See the full reportage here: www.forajournal.com/journal/2019/07/08/clausporto

We interviewed Miguel Barral, co-founder of Fora sunglasses in Lisbon in 2018. Explore the startup’s founding story and how it is going “out”