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Prolog, Copenhagen establishes a consistent cultural bridge with Mexico


Takeovers and parties. Guest dinners and tastings. An influx of new ideas could be as important as holding to an established practice.


In January 2018 Prolog comes to Mexico City to serve their coffee in Cafe Rico. Prolog’s coffee beans come from all over the world. The roasting method of Prolog is recognized to be one of the best in Denmark. On the other end of the world, Buna coffee company works with local Mexican farmers and brews specialty coffee in their Cafe Rico in Mexico City. Here starts the exchange.


The following summer 2018, Buna flew to Copenhagen during the Distortion festival, the largest street festival in Europe. Buna’s baristas took over Prolog’s place and brought Mexican spirits, chocolates, and cuisine apart from coffee. Prolog then partnered with the bakery Juno and the plants shop Plant Kobenhavn to transform into an essential station of the street festival.

Next winter Prolog went back to Mexico City. This time it was two sides. The first week: Prolog in Mexico. Prolog brewed their coffee for the guests on Buna’s Cafe Rico. Buna showed coffee farms. The second week – Buna came to Copenhagen.


The tradition repeated this summer when Buna came to spread Mexican vibe in Copenhagen. Here are just the highlights. Cooking class of preparing ants on one day and pop up dinner on another (by Sobremesa, Mexico City). Joined by the caterer Lasse Askov Meyer, and spirits professional Timm Vladimirs Kokken, from Copenhagen. A free tasting of Mezcal spirits from Mexico at Vinsupernaturel. A new special drink in Prolog’s menu: cafechata, inspired by Mexican culinary roots.

Whenever you are in Copenhagen or Mexico City, pay a visit:

Prolog: the meatpacking district, Høkerboderne 16, Copenhagen.

Cafe Rico: Orizaba 42, Colonia Roma, México.