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Why Planet of the Apps is a complete failure

Yes, it failed. Unfortunately. It was a horrible project for Apple.

The mentors turned out to be very unhelpful, even distracting. Most of them don't know anything about product development or stratups. In the result they sometimes even decreased founder's chance to get investment.

The investors were obviously getting information prior to the show and they were unnatural in decisions.

I think there was no good commader in chief of this project. Or he didn't know what he was doing.

But anyway, here's what others got to say:

It’s painful to watch these would-be tech magnates make stilted speeches about why the world needs their app, only to watch them get remorselessly cross-questioned by celebrities who parlayed their success in entertainment into careers in business. This is not to say Paltrow, Alba and the former Black Eyed Peas frontman don’t have useful wisdom to impart, merely that the experience, as a viewer, feels a bit like reading one of those Paltrow quotes about her troubles finding organic wine in Paris, or how she refuses to feed her kids cheese from a tin – it’s a sort of vicarious embarrassment that’s not entirely unenjoyable.
— theguardian.com
At one point, Alba critiques a dating app by saying, “But what if there are three dudes who wanna holla and you’re, like, ‘I don’t want to talk to you?’”
Because most of the judges don’t belong in the setting, it’s difficult to take it seriously when the devs gush about how excited they are to work with one Planet of the Apps mentor in particular. I’m thinking they must be big fans of Alba’s lariat-twirling dance scene from Sin City or will.i.am’s song “My Humps.”
— cultofmac.com