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VENYX x ZEUS+DIONE jewelry line

Greek small business revival is on the rise. VENYX jewelry brand and ZEUS+DIONE fashion brand from Athens unveiled a collaboration.

We know VENYX and its founder Eugenie Niarchos by retro (1950) and at the same time futuristic style that breaks the rules of the more traditional jewelry shapes. And we know ZEUS+DIONE for the striving to revive ancient Hellenistic aesthetics and craftsmanship. The collaborative collection consists of earrings that have naturalistic motifs and exquisite usage of gold, silver, olive wood and diamonds.

The pricing starts at 450 Euro ($560) and you can order online on ZEUS + DIONE's webshop.

Other ZEUS+DIONE's collaboations include Attiki handbag with Monocle and a beach bag with ELANI.