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Zeus + Dione x Monocle Attiki handbag

Greek fashion brand Zeus + Dione founded in 2013 has presented a collaboration with London-based Monocle magazine. Zeus + Dione is known as an artisan brand from Athens that is reviving the rich traditions of Hellenic craftsmanship – including weaving, embroidery and silk manufacturing. They came up with a handbag, priced at 340 Pounds ($480).

This Athenian brand is considered to be a part of a great Greek fashion revival of 2015, as Monocle magazine put it then (issue September 2015):

Greece’s fashion industry is one of its consistent success stories and it is currently experiencing something of a boom. Brands such as Zeus + Dione are putting Greece on the fashion map by reviving traditional craftsmanship.

Previous notable Zeus + Dione collaborations include works with ELANI on a beach bag and with VENYX on jewelry.