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A point made by ALL GONE publisher Michael Dupouy in the tome’s 2014 edition: street culture is now pop culture. It’s hard to not feel a bit of nostalgic sadness when you realize one of your favorite bands has evolved from playing dank, dingy basement shows to selling out entire stadiums. Or the underground artist you supported from the jump is about to get a retrospective at the Tate Modern or MoMA. Such is the struggle of being an early adopter of culture: you pride yourself in being onto certain things before they go mainstream, and it instills a certain sense of ownership in whatever that is, so when it blows up you can feel a bit slighted when you realize that it’s become for everybody, and not just a select few cognoscenti.


Everything We Know About the Upcoming Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collection


On January 4, you may recall the streetwear and high fashion communities collectively losing their minds when news was confirmed of a long-rumored collaboration between Supreme x Louis Vuitton. Today, we can take a first official look at the collection.

LV will unveil the collaboration at its men’s fall runway show in Paris later today, but this being the 21st century, leaked images are already circulating online. Bandanas, gloves, belts, and an extensive bag and purse range make up just some of the accessories, while we can also make out some dope loafers and, obviously, a baseball bat. Most items are adorned with both the box logo and LV’s iconic monogram pattern.

Check out some photos below. And yes, that is VLONE founder A$AP Bari stuntin’ in the second photo.

In an interview with WWD, Louis Vuitton’s men’s artistic director Kim Jones spoke of the partnership, “You can’t have the conversation of New York men’s wear without Supreme right now, because it’s such a massive global phenomenon,” said Jones. “I used to work when I was at college unpacking boxes of Supreme at a company in London that distributed it when it was just starting out, so it’s something I’ve known all along in my life. I just feel that the strength of their graphic versus the strength of the Louis Vuitton graphic, and that kind of Pop Art feeling — it works together perfectly.”

Following that, our man on the ground, Alec Leach, managed to get his hands on the official Louis Vuitton press release while attending the show. Describing the partnership “as a comprehensive, exhaustive voyage, through every stylistic facet that comprises New York,” the document goes on to cite names including Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol as inspiration behind the range. “No New York City men’s conversation is complete without Supreme,” asserts Jones. Read the guide below.

I got the micheal Jackson Midas

Фото опубликовано flame (@travisscott)


Фото опубликовано flame (@travisscott)

Supreme®/Louis Vuitton® Fall 2017. For more info go to louisvuitton.com #LVxSupreme

Фото опубликовано Supreme (@supremenewyork)

Supreme®/Louis Vuitton® Fall 2017. For more info go to louisvuitton.com #LVxSupreme

Фото опубликовано Supreme (@supremenewyork)

Vuitton X Supreme @louisvuitton AW17 Uptown ~ Downtown, Bravo @mrkimjones #supreme #louisvuitton #NewYorkStory

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Supreme®/Louis Vuitton® Fall 2017. For more info go to louisvuitton.com #LVxSupreme

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Louis x Preme Dapper Dan hat w/ boujee latex Vuitton coat @mrkimjones made for me ❤ #LouisVuittonxSupreme

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#Louisvuitton 1210s trunk case #newyorkstory #monogram AW17 photography by @brett_lloyd

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Obsessed! Louis Vuitton x Supreme #LouisVuittonxSupreme #LVxSupreme

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Following that, a price list has now surfaced, and as everyone expected, the collection comes at a premium. Expect to pay over $200 for the Bandana alone. It’s also worth noting that the bogo is being advertised as exclusive to Supreme stores. Here are the fees: