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Michelle Lamoste, Marketing specialist for a renovation and a 3D rendering company.
Written Dec 20, 2015

Interior design firms and individual practitioners alike are in for a treat as they are facing so much business just as much as many competitors in the industry. With great pieces for accents, soft wares, and schools readily available, more and more people are able to indulge their designing gifts and able to turn it into a real moneymaker. However, here are some ways to rise above the clutter:

1. Go to the sites they referenced. As a visual practice, people will go to sites where they look for ideas or inspiration such as Instagram or Pinterest. Using one’s firm’s name, post some sample works but don’t employ a selling tone. Think of it as giving advice to a friend. Share some insider info such as where to get good fabrics or jars. Readers will appreciate the generosity and start hiring soon enough.

2. Do spec work. Some clients don’t know what they need or want until you give it to them. Don’t wait to be hired! Instead, do some spec work of a lobby or a room of your favorite establishment – who knows, they just might love it or someone else looking for that idea may find it.

3. Be a thought leader. There is nothing more effective than establishing one’s self as an expert. If there is a certain field of interior design that you truly love and know, then go ahead and write extensively on it. Accept speaking engagements on it. No matter what, it will only push your business further. And of course, network, network, network!

It's a must to present 3D renders to clients, so they can better visualize your work. If you need help with 3D rendering, you can contact companies like http://www.powerrendering.com for your 3D renders.


Chaitra Krishnappa Ravi, User Experience Engineer


Marketing can be done in many ways, I’m just giving an overview of marketing through effective online presence.

6 ways interior designers business can attract new clients using their website.

Website is truly a social network with huge sales potential, in that it allows users to collaborate with friends and family as well as other users. It Takes Your Interior Design Business to the Next Level.

1. Get yourself a website: People have to be able to find you. That means you must have an amazing site and that site has to be on the first page of Google. The higher ranking the better. It’s not going to get there if you don’t have great content.

2. Be you: Your website has to reflect your style.

3. Shine: You have to showcase your skills and work with high-resolution images. Interior design is a visual product. Your photographs have to reflect that because Good art inspires and Good design motivates.

4. Be social: Have you been ignoring your Facebook and Twitter? This is one of the easiest, cheapest and most successful ways to engage social media generation.

5. Pin it! Pinterest is for visual imagery and feeding people’s hunger for beautiful design.

6. Brag on your blog: You can really put it all out there on your blog. Blogs are what get you noticed online. It’s a great way to educate potential clients about your services, provide decorating tips, profile your strengths and show what you can do by featuring some of your finest work.

Simply Because “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is about how it works.”

If you need a website for your business, but do not know where to start with. I would strongly suggest Zivro.

Ken Lewis, Interior Design Marketing Expert

I'd like to reference my answer here:

Ken Lewis' answer to How should I start interior decorator as a business?

It covers the foundational core: building your reputation.

And, it does so by specifically addressing how to get your first clients with the goal of building your portfolio and getting reviews.

If you've done this reputation building, even a pamphlet could be effective- although your time would be better investing in building the strength of your Houzz profile.

Rodrigo Tello, I design interfaces to program on mobile devices.

Blogg and use social media. Find your niche. Talk to people (vía email, Twitter, try to avoid Facebook a little bit, and in real life). Talk to them by the phone, JUST if they want to. Send real emails, really.

Forget about the pamphlets. You can use Pinterest, Tumblr. But don't post me a comercial, instead talk to me.

Alycia Wicker, Former NCIDQ + CCIDC interior designer.

I’d forget the printed materials. You can get more bang for your buck by marketing online.

Create your website. Make sure your website talks TO your ideal client about how you have the solution to their problem. The problem that keeps them up at night.

Also make sure you have a way to collect email address via a program like MailChimp from your prospects once they land on your website.

Create content that your clients will be interested in. You can create blog posts that answer your client’s questions, talk about your design process, tell stories about how you solved a client’s problem, give your honest opinion on a design trend. For your content to stand out it can’t be boring (there’s more than enough boring stuff in the world). Your content, whether blog posts or videos or imagery should ooze your personality.

Pick a couple of social media platforms to go on (Facebook, Pinterest + Instagram are fab for designers) and share your content. 80% helpful, 20% promo.

Your goal is to grow your visibility so people can begin to get to know you. Show up online on the social media platforms, direct traffic back to your website, get them interested in working with you by building a relationship. Rinse and repeat.

You are the brand and the business. Share who you REALLY are.

Hope this helps :)

Achal Bhardwaj, spent one year as an architecture student.

I don't know about other countries, but in India getting an interior project is very tough considering the competition in the market.

Still one can get good projects if they follow these steps:

Try to analyze the target audience that will be interested in your work.
Register yourself in some nice web portal like www.designbids.in where you can easily get projects if you properly pitch your proposal to the project owner.
Stay active in social media and cover offline events related to infrastructure as a lot of potential clients can be found.
Try to learn networking and increase your network with local traders and contractors, they know about a lot of people who are in search for interior designer and hence can recommend you.

Try these and you may get going. Once you started in this market then it's not that difficult.

Yvonne Wigstead

With the rise in social networks in recent years, businesses who have failed to adopt them correctly have drastically been affected. 

With social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus you can connect to your target market. Each of these networks use #hashtags which allow a future client to search for a certain phrase/ keyword and your post
will show up. 

You can also display a digital portfolio with image micro sites such as Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Vine. These are great for showing imagery, videos of your work and interior design inspiration. 

Adopting social media marketing will allow your business to market your business digitally.

Ken Adney, owner of a small retail furniture store (olyfurnitureworks.com) for 14 years.

Blogging, social media, etc. will enhance an unmet publics opinion of your ability but since the business is so tied to you, I'd recommend personal networking (chamber of commerce, business associations, etc.).  Marketing is a continual process of using everything available to enhance your business.

Shelia Butler

Buyers behaviors have changed and research shows that 70% of buyers start their journey on Google and most make their buying decision before reaching out to sales. Because of this, it's important to be where your clients are and that's online. 

This is why having a good website with great content is so important to the growth of a business. Social media is wonderful tool, but the key to success is building a platform (your website) and provide valued information that will help you attract, acquire, and retain clients. 

It's also important to remember that businesses are built on relationships and people buy from people they know, like and trust. You can start gaining trust by adding value via the content you produce and share. 

Hope this helps. sb