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March 2018

A trip to Stockholm brought new magazines on our desk



We got our hands to the 33rd issue of 032c magazine, that writes about culture, fashion and art in a specifically deep way. Their words and interviews seriously inspire.

The work about Frank Ocean is available to read online:


Also here are the highlights:



The spring issue of i-D MAGAZINE #351 was published and presents an amusing list of artists. Korean musician Yaeji, who we love deerly. Amusing contemporary ceramist Urara Thuchiya and her bewildering pornographic bowls. A piece with Cardi B, young lady that is rocking rap scene in a big way. Much of the issue is available online for free: 


This is possibly the nicest work from #351 issue: the list of British artists you should know about.


March Monocle issue was dedicated to South Korea. Also this month editors has made a great job bringing in great retailers. There's a material from Osaka on good retail, good selection in Briefing section, and Korean scene review. The special that impressed us the most was "Fantasy Landlord" - it selects the best fashion retail brands, large and small, that would be great to have on the same street.

Снимок экрана 2018-04-08 в 21.59.11.png

Speaking of Monocle. Podcasts.

You should listen to this if you are into entrepreneurs' stories about their path, thoughts, trends and speculations. Matt Alagiah as a host talks to each one of them in a special manner selecting his tone and questions very well. Here's what we loved in March:

Case Study

A now-living case of social marketing in fitness field - Syatt Fitness. The coach Jordan Syatt demonstrates quite authentic and effective communication on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. He also has a wonderful email strategy as well as a blog on website. In order to understand his methods, it's better to subscribe to him everywhere as well as examine his website and get to his email newsletter. It's the most wonderful communication strategy we've seen in recent years.

Discovery of the month - Clique

French interviewer asks smart questions to Kanye West, Ai Weiwei and many many other important personas. There are mainly French people on his Chanel, but some internationals too. Take a look at the production quality too - it is professional but also elegant and relaxed. A lot is to learn from it.


This month we were seriously inspired by interviews:
- Jack Ma (Alibaba) is a great motivator as usual
- Kanye West talks about brands, social media and celebrity
- Charlize Theron comes to Hot Ones show: a good entry to the format if you haven't watched it before
- Jeff Bezos updates on his vision and management wisdom
- Karl Lagerfeld talks to Monocle's chief editor Tyler Brule about brands, business and social media. He seems more progressive and agile then we could think.

On video production

Casey Neistat's production house Beme was bought by CNN and started making very very good videos explaining world happenings. The aesthetics is blog-like, but the preparation that lies behind is professional and deep. Some quality content is the result. So enjoy.

On the future of driving

Waymo, a Google's branch on self-driving technology that separated into a standalone company, presented their work of the latest years. It's a collaboration with Jaguar. And a self-driving service available soon.

A lesson on storytelling from Marvel

Spoilers alert!

Technology update

"This might be the future of computing" – WIRED

Music (links to Apple Music)

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