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January 2018

A fresh issue of Magazine B about Swedish Acne Studios.


Founded in 1996 by Jonny Johansson and three partners, with only 10,000 euros, Acne was first launched as a small advertising and design agency in Stockholm. Acne, an abbreviation for “Ambition to Create Novel Expression,” is characterized as a creative collective that freely does whatever it wants, just as the name shows. One day, the company produced just 100 pairs of jeans to emerge as Stockholm’s representative denim brand. In 2006, Acne separated its fashion endeavors to create an independent brand called Acne Studios, and since then has consolidated its position as a major contemporary fashion house that crosses between the realms of fashion, culture and art.


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This month we loved these articles:

“Duchamp Is My Lawyer” Virgil Abloh

JASON DILL Takes us to Hell and Back to FUCKING AWESOME

HELMUT LANG: The Searching Stays With You

Hypebeast vs. Highsnobiety: A Journey Towards the Heart of Content

Also these publications from other media:

David Droga talkes to FastCompany

The Economist put an essay of a great new book


Unbelievable worldview-changing saga


To be is better than to have


A super easy summary on Buddhism and success


Post-modernism and sampling in fashion. Greatly inspiring glance into Virgil's notebook.


Wisecrack Edition on The Philosophy of Darth Vader, where they explore the philosophical origins of one of the most tragic arcs in cinema history.


Electric cars have tremendous potential, but Lou explains why they're not yet a perfect - or accessible - alternative to gas-powered cars.

What would happen if 'win' and 'lose' are no longer the only options when fighting a war? What if a third, more abstract ideal becomes the goal? And -- what if not all the players are aware of the new rules? Simon Sinek uses game theory to explain some of the strategies and outcomes behind past and present wars.

Four stories from a young blood in Russia. Sorry but no English subtitles.


This month Las Vegas hosted a large tech conference - CES. Here's the most interesting pitch.

Music (links to Apple Music)


BOYCHUKISM. Project of the “Great style”

BOYCHUKISM. Project of the “Great style”


Mykhailo Boychuk is a Ukrainian painter, known as a monumentalist, who in 1910 surprised the demanding Paris at the “Salon des Indépendants”. He used tempera instead of oil, returned to historical heritage, chose collective creativity instead of individual one and brevity of art form instead of realistic reproduction. The French called these innovations “Renovation Byzantine”, among scholars it is known as the school of Ukrainian monumentalism or boychukism. This was the last attempt to implement the great style in Ukraine. The rebel by nature, Mykhailo Boychuk set himself a clearly defined goal – to reform the Ukrainian art. The new Ukrainian style was to become truly national and had to deeply enter the everyday life of people.

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