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February 2018

While traveling to Copenhagen we met Martin Reinicke and talked about his florist shop Blomsterskuret that was nominated to being probably the most beautiful flower shop in the world by Gardenista.



We also were lucky to catch Kaibosh's founder Helge Flo from Norway. His eyewear brand is making waves in concept stores around the world and online.

When in Stockholm we spoke to Victor Sandberg from Appletrees. He told a story of how he went to Paris fair with only one $500 white shirt and an iPhone, and grew his garments brand to selling internationally.


Here are the spots we visited in February and think interesting


Flower shop on Vesterbro

Democratic Coffee
Great coffee and croissants

Cinnober Bookstore
Design books and stationery

Norse Projects
Conceptual garments shop

Vipp Concept Store
Iconic trash bins

Conceptual eye-wear shop

Cocktail bar in historical center

The Apartment
Furniture&Lights store made like a flat

Photo and art prints


Men garments

Papercut AB
Magazines and bookstore

Nitty Gritty
Concept menswear and womenwear stores

Christoffers Blommor
Flower shop

Carl Hansen & Son Flagship Store
A new concept space of iconic brand

Dusty Deco
Vintage furniture shop

Sneakers and contemporary fashion brand

Affordable and well-designed watches

Acne Studios
The flagship store still has old ACNE PAPER editions

Pictures from the trip to Denmark and Sweden this month

A very nice website and video-story of Vipp

A well-made brand story video

Authentic discovery from England

Feldspar is a homeware brand by Jeremy and Cath Brown. They create ‘objects for life’, homewares with an emphasis on timeless design and quality materials – good things made properly and to last. Everything is designed in their studio and made by skilled craftspeople around the UK.
Website: feldspar.studio
Monocle podcast dedicated to Feldspar: monocle.com/radio/shows/the-entrepreneurs/eureka-86/


One nice piece from the Business of Fashion about loyalty programs. Quote:

The loyalty lie
Most loyalty programmes don’t generate loyalty. In fact, a 2012 benchmark study from Edgell Knowledge Network, which surveyed the loyalty programmes of 60 retailers, found that customers of retailers that offer a loyalty programme were not recognisably more loyal than customers of those that don’t. What’s worse, according to the same study, is that 81 percent of loyalty programme members don’t even understand what their rewards entitlements consist of or how they’re redeemed. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the average household belongs to eighteen loyalty schemes!

Todd McFarlane tells his story of how he got from an illustrator in large corporation to his own comic series (that is the longest independent series ever) and then to hes toys company, games, animations and movies. A 12 year old boy that has managed to never grow up. Astonishing!

On the expansion of the previous month's story of "infinite games" by Simon Sinek we explore the movie Thor 3: Ragnarok. We highly recommend this movie if you are not absolutely against Marvel. The idea that it provokes is this: Asgard is not the place, it's the people. It means that if evil forces destroy Asgard it is not finished until there are Asgardians. So that the movie proposes the "infinite game" of "you cannot kill our spirit" in a replacement to a "finite game" of "when you destroy my home I lose forever". And our favorite Youtube channel Wisecrack has prepared a great philosophy review here >

Music (links to Apple Music)

Our new work this month

A website for interior design studio called Dreamdesign. The product underlines the portfolio in a very simple and elegant way. Check it out below:

the blue-eyed barbarian