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A.D. Deertz menswear

Honest, sustainable and unstrained menswear brand created in Berlin by Wibke Deertz. She built business independent of seasons and resale to other stores, it abolishes the industry-specific timings. Deertz: "we work with nice people, make good products... and have fun."

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La Paz

A menswear brand that looks to the native fishermen for the inspiration. La Paz is bringing Atlantic seaside aesthetics to the world. They have seen a steep growth after being stocked by world's finest showrooms and featured in finest magazines.

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A young clothes brand from Stockholm started by making white shirts of an uncompromising quality. It’s the attitude that puts the brand apart. Appletrees shirts has a very comfortable fit from XS size to XXL, can be washed a hundred times and then be recycled in their own stores.

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born in berlin

This Turin brand was born in 2005 to realize a vision of artisanal clothing made ethically, bought thoughtfully and lasting long. They write about this idea: a nostalgic time travel to the very beginning of fashion, when every garment was unique, bespoke and made to last a lifetime.

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