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Burel Mountain Originals


When Joao Tomac and Isabel Costa finished the previous successful business - a boutique hotel in Portuguese Serra da Estrela mountains they looked around and saw the old factory on a brink of obsolescence. That factory was manufacturing a special fabrics widely used in waistcoats by local shepherds. The unique quality of this fabrics is that the merino wool is specifically prepared to be almost totally water and wind-proof. It's called burel and the factory made less and less quantities and employed less and less local people. Costa decided to buy the factory, collaborate with the best designers and show the world this unique Portuguese fabrics. And by doing this she will develop the wealth of her beloved community in the mountains. We love the simplicity of Burel products, as well as their complete naturalness.


Selected products:

Blanket Vintage 1956

Hoodie Backpack

Shepherd Cape

Amélia Bag


Products: bags, backpacks, garments made with burel.
Origin: Manteigas, Serra da Estrela mountains, Portugal
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Address: Amieiros Verdes, Manteigas, Serra Da Estrela, Portugal.