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Tortus Copenhagen

Tortus Copenhagen is a pottery brand that Eric Landon created when he moved from America to Denmark. We love Tortus for its honesty both in design and in communications. Landon has amassed a huge following on his Instagram after going viral in international media. “It is pottery porn”, they said.

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La Paz

A menswear brand that looks to the native fishermen for the inspiration. La Paz is bringing Atlantic seaside aesthetics to the world. They have seen a steep growth after being stocked by world's finest showrooms and featured in finest magazines.

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A young clothes brand from Stockholm started by making white shirts of an uncompromising quality. It’s the attitude that puts the brand apart. Appletrees shirts has a very comfortable fit from XS size to XXL, can be washed a hundred times and then be recycled in their own stores.

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Pasta Fresca Brambilla

The second generation of the family is hand-making pasta and ravioli in Milan. After a few years ago Pasta Fresca Brambilla opened own bistro place they are almost always booked at lunch. Using original recipes from Puglia and authentic attitude in place this place is one of the most legitimate cafes in Milan.

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Dahlman has been making high quality leather goods in Copenhagen since it was founded by Master Saddle Maker Wilhelm Ludvig Dahlman in 1807. It is still committed to create beautiful handcrafted products, like the iconic saumur belt, which is a part of the Danish Arts Foundations collection of Danish Arts and Crafts.

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Miguel Barral created one of the most interesting sunglasses brands in Portugal. His classic models manufactured the old-fashioned way attract trendy clients not only in Portugal but in Berlin and Paris too. International approach is put into its name: FORA means "out" in Portuguese.

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Milan boutique that resembles club-atelier shop that you might find in 1950's London. Founders Luca and Eugenio are realizing a long-term vision of a comfortable menswear store as a counterweight to a fashion craze so endemic to Milan.

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